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Why Do We See Ghosts?

By Merlyn


This article is the personal theory of the author and in no way is representative of WinterSteel Productions. Objections or comments regarding this article may be directed to the author via WinterSteel Productions.


There has been much written and discussed on the subject of ghosts and hauntings and many theories have been put forward in the past. I have now gotten the courage to put forward one of my own.

One of the generally accepted theories these days is that there is some effect caused by natural methods that allows energy to be stored in the same way that information is stored on a digital camera or recorder. The surroundings soak up the events transpiring and then at various times replay them as a phonograph would. The "instant replays" are not though on a level for all to see as they are played at varying frequencies, which solves the question of why some see them and others don’t, as not every one can visually detect all frequencies as every ones eyes are unique to the individual.

I am not a scientist or even a very learned man but I feel that I have stumbled onto something during my normal course of researching other subjects that leads me to think that I have found a solution of sorts. It may be the answer for some but not all of the ghostly sightings that have been reported.

In the 1800’s there were a pair of brothers in France named Curie (no relation to Madam Curie) who developed a theory, called the piezoelectric effect.

This theory stated that if you applied an electric charge or a source of energy in the form of physical force to a crystal it changes shape, and in this bending it generates an electrical field. When you put this crystal into a suitable electric circuit, the interaction between the mechanical stress and the electric charge causes the crystal to vibrate and generate a constant frequency electric signal. The size and shape of the crystal will vary the frequency that it will vibrate at.

Modern science has proven that crystals are capable of storing information that can be retrieved later and the size of the crystal is not consistent with the amount of information it can contain. Now this means that a crystal the size of the head of a pin may contain the entire contents of an encyclopedia and have room left over for the Library of Congress.

What I am saying is the same thing others have said for many years that it is the environment that is the factor. The fact is that a specific situation or event may cause extremely high emotional and therefore electrical energies and this may also be a factor in which events are recorded and which are not. Climatic conditions may have some effect as well. Localized electrical or energy fields are stronger and more noticeable during times when the air is electrically charged as in a thunderstorm. This would also explain the old saying of "it was a dark and stormy night" when stories are told about ghost and hauntings.

If my theory is correct it would be the physical material that makes up the structure or the material that the structure sits on that is the actual object storing and replaying the events.

Take for instance all the stories of ghosts in old castles. Most castles are made from rock or stones gathered from the surrounding area. All rocks contain some form of crystallized material in some form or another. These are those little sparkling things you see shining back at you from your flashlight. It is these crystals, under pressure from the weight of the walls above them and the electrical energy created by another source that store the image or history of an event within their field or range.

The weight of the walls above them provide the force to bend the crystal and the electrical charge is supplied by some out side force say a storm or a newly installed light fixture and you have the situation in place that might cause it to produce the piezoelectric effect. The crystal would then start to "replay" its stored memory creating in effect a type of hologram, a visual reproduction of events. The same goes for noises or sounds.

The fact that things are stored at different frequencies would explain why it is very rare that an apparition is accompanied by any sound. Or better that many times you will hear the sound of footsteps and there is no visual sighting.

Crystals found in different types of rock may store events at different frequencies because of their size or unique characteristics of each crystal. This may also explain why there may be more than one event being played at different times. For example, one night you see a woman walking down the hall or corridor of a castle. The next night in the same place at the same time you see a dog scurry across the hall from one room to another.

In this situation, different crystals are playing back their information because the specific set of circumstances, or frequencies that are required for them to be "replayed" have been reached. The circumstances that allowed for the "replaying" one night were not the same the next but they were correct for another crystal to "replay".

This would also answer the question of why things do not happen.

Let’s say you have a Gray Lady that appears every night at 1100 o’clock to the same person over an extended period of time. The person contacts a paranormal group to investigate and they show up at 1100 o’clock and nothing happens. Is the person crazy or making it up? Quite possibly what has happened is that the appearance of the paranormal investigators has changed the environment such that the required circumstances or frequencies can not be met.

Along with the added introduction of physical bodies which contain their own electrical energies, the group would probably bring cameras, recorders and various instruments to analyze the event and each one also contains its own electrical energy field. All these additions to the original situation may change which crystals   are "replaying" or wether any "replay" at all. It is doubtful that all crystals contain information and it just might be that the ones being "replayed" may have no information stored on them. Thus you end up with a non-event.

This may also explain why EVPs are possible. A tape recorder left alone in a room may not have a large enough electrical field to effect the crystals that are "replaying". Or they may be receiving sound at a frequency that can not be heard by the human ear and some how in the recording process it changes it to an audible frequency.

Now how does this explain visual or audible hauntings not contained with in a stone structure?

Here is where the make up of the land situated under the structure or place may come into play.

If the place where a structure or event is thought to occur contains bedrock or a large rock formation is present near by the answer is simple. It is the same basic principal as that of a stone structure. It is the crystal found in the rock that are recording and "replaying" the events. The battlefield at Gettysburg would be the best example of this.

Apparitions of soldiers in different situations and the sounds of men screaming and guns firing have been reported for many, many years. If you have ever been to the site you will immediately see how it fits into my theory.

There are large rock out croppings all over the entire battlefield. Little Round Top is literally a rock pile with earth thrown on top. It is a hill with rocks sticking out all over it. The top of the hill is just a conglomeration of huge boulders. I do not know what the underlying composition or geology of the battlefield is like but I will bet that the soil level is not very deep in most places.

This sets up a perfect example of the theory I am putting forward. The crystals contained in these rock formations recorded the events that occurred over that two day period and at times when the criteria for each crystal is met they are "replayed". Because of the extent of the battlefield, the number of visitors annually and the amount of crystals present the chances of a person being in the right place under the right situations to experience a "replay" would explain the number of reports from this area.

Now for me this situation of pressure and the introduction of electrical charges releasing stored information also answers the question of why paranormal activity increases during renovations of a structure.

Renovations usually include some form of structural work or modification to the original structure. Be it the shoring up of the foundation or the replacing of plaster and wood or the re-pointing of the bricks of the chimney they are all things that change the original configuration of the structure. Each one of these things may alter something about one of the two things required to "replay" events, the pressure on the crystal or the electrical charge required and or available to the crystal.

You also have to consider that nowadays workmen have a large array of electrical tools they require to do the jobs. Extension cords are laid around in varying directions and alternate power supplies may be brought in. This may create a situation for "replay" that had never before existed, thus having sounds or apparitions that did not exist before. In a place where there had been reports of these things in the past any addition of new sounds and images would be considered an increase in paranormal activity, and rightly so.

The point is that when you alter the structure in any way you also alter or provide the requirements needed by the individual crystals to "replay".

This whole theory can be proven by the simple fact that we can now use a digital camera and store pictures inside silicon chips, which are man-made crystals. And we can "replay" them at will be providing the right circumstances, which simply means pressing the right button.

Wether the reader agrees with my theory or not is unimportant at this point as I have not yet figured out a method of testing it. It is though to my mind a viable solution to some of the mystery surrounding  some paranormal activity.