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: or How I Survived in the Wilds of Oklahoma

Here are just a few of the many pictures I took during this trip. I will add more as I go through them and seperate them into places and times. For now I have to post some of the best just to satisfy the curious.

Click Pictures to see full sized pics.


The first one is a very large and distinct ecto captured in the Cemetery at Earlsboro. The night was warm with a cloudless sky and an almost full moon. Present were myself, Christy from PICO and Mary from OKCGC. Nothing was noticed at the time of picture.



Next is the first picture I took outside of the famous Van House. Present were myself and Mary's husband Ken. The night was warm and no mist or moisture in the air was visible at the time. The direction is facing south towards the Old Texas Road.



Next is a picture of the famous Texas Road Spook Lights. The light is in the center of the pic and very small but was clearly visible to the naked eye at the time. There are no houses in this direction and there are thick woods and a railroad embankment behind them.



This picture and the following were taken while watching the Spook Lights. Same direction but I have moved further into the backyard at this point. You can see a white chair on the far left of the above pic that corresponds with the chair to the right of this pic.



As you can see this is the same basic shot only I have moved even closer to the tree line. The orbs here appear to have come much closer to me at this time but it may just be caused by my moving position.





The following series of pics were taken at the Fort Bragg Cemetery and are very dark and hard to see in the Thumnail. At the bottom of the first pic just to left of center and a small headstone are what appears to be a pair of eyes. the Second pic taken within seconds of the first shows the eyes have moved slightly towards the headstone. The third pic taken again only seconds after the second pic shows no anomilies at all.

I did not enhance these pics because I wanted the viewer to do it. Enhancement by taking the gamma to +2.00 lightens the entire background to show that it is not an animal or any other object reflecting light.

What were these strange things that looked like eyes we do not know. There was a very brisk wind at the time and I feel that the possibility of insects is very low. The moon was almost full and the temperature cool.


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