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Our most precious treasures always seem to be the ones we lose. Some of them are just memories of places and people and events but others are solid things, things we could hold, see and feel.

It is the lost treasures of a nation that I wish to tell you about here. I have selected what I feel are the most important ones, not just in value but in meaning as well. For they are the legends that the history of a nation was built on.

All these items did in fact exist at one time or another they are not mythical. I have tried to base all the facts of people, places and events as closely as I could, using ancient documents and the writings of other knowledgeable scholars.

It is my desire with this manuscript to show the people of the world the great wealth of history of the Welsh People. It is also my desire to encourage a few of the readers to begin their own searches for these relics and maybe bring them forth out of the dusts of time to again be revered by the world. If my writings here has any influence on the bringing forth of even one of these items then my work on this earth is complete.


The Sword of Caesar

Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail

The Cross of Christ

The Swords Caliburn and Excaliber

Madoc Morfran and the Cauldron of Annwn