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Who Is Merlyn?

With all the attention some of my articles have aroused in the last little while there have been questions as to who Merlyn really was. It is in the interest of honesty and truth in reporting that the following information is being released.

My name is Christopher John Williams. I was born in the small Welsh town of Cymbran and immigrated to Canada in 1957. I am a Canadian citizen and was formerly employed by the Federal Government. I attended a world class college in Toronto, Ontario but did not receive a degree. I have a limited military background but held a position as a team leader in an Emergency Response Team for my former employer. I have extensive training and experience in the areas of interviewing and interrogation techniques and report writing. I have also been a witness in numerous criminal cases.

My job title, description and the department I worked for must remain secret as I am still governed by the Official Secrets Act, even though I am retired. I will tell you this; I held a supervisory position in the area of law enforcement.

Mr. Choron of the Winter Steel Website has described me as being everything from a government employee to a senior government official. All in an attempt to hide my real identity, any deception on his part was well intended. For this I must thank him.

I am not a nutcase nor do I believe in the mass of conspiracy theories that abound. I am a no nonsense, show me sort of man. I began the investigation of the paranormal as a skeptic and only became convinced after many years of research. I still approach every investigation with caution and skepticism, I accept only those facts that I have witnessed myself as being real.

I have written many articles on various subjects, none of which have been published except on the Internet.

I have though been used as a reference by Mr. Ed Butts in his book "Before They Were Ghosts", soon to be published, and also in several Canadian newspaper and magazine articles.

This is who I am, Merlyn of Cressycellog.me3.JPG (21232 bytes)